Nail Tek is dedicated to the pursuit of perfect natural nails

We believe that everyone can have their own, beautiful, natural nails... given the right products and the will to use recommended treatments properly and conscientiously. Nail Tek strives to produce advanced products, superior to any others, harnessing science and working with nature.

And for those who prefer artificial nails we simply ask the question "What would you rather have... your own beautiful hair or to wear a wig?" We think the answer is obvious, and the same applies to nails.

Nails are not different

The most important thing is NAIL ANALYSIS. This is where YOU must decide in to which catagory your nails fall... and then you chose the correct product from our:

Standard - Nail Tek range
Our Hydration Therapy range with its extra moisturising properties, or
Our CITRA range which is formaldehyde free.

I M P O R T A N T: Nail Analysis Categories

l The NORMAL nail. Strong yet flexible, and a good colour
ll The SOFT/PEELING nails that can also be weak and/or thin
lll The HARD/DRY/BRITTLE nails that can be prone to chipping and breaking
lV (XTRA) The DIFFICULT/RESISTANT nails: can correct severe nail weakness